The Arkhamville Horror

The Arkhamville Horror

Arkhamville Horror was the first Sleuthsayers’ murder-mystery-hunt. It took place in autumn of 2012. Below you will find the original story introduction and the people who were involved.

Here you will find some pictures of the event.

Arkhamville Horror Logo

Hidden in an ancient forest above the Miskatonic river deep in the Massachusetts wilderness is Arkhamville Manor. Constructed in the late 16th and early 17th century by Count von Ripanuvich on land shunned by the Mohegan it was a retreat and fortress for those investigating occult matters the like of which were considered blasphemous in Europe.

Ripanuvich was from the Harghita Mountains region of what is now Romania and narrowly escaped religious persecution in the late 1700s when the nature of his eldritch studies were discovered by the local theocracy. Escaping by night with several wagon loads of jewels, bullion, precious objects and the objects and manuscripts which were the subject of their studies, his family and a few of their faithful retainers made their way west across Europe, eventually teaming up with Nicholas Silvester Spebbington of Ottery St Mary, England, a long-time confidante and fellow researcher of the occult.

The group chartered a ship and transported their treasures and mystical artefacts to the New World, where with the assistance of another trusted associate, Professor Enoch Dexter of the fledgling Miskatonic University, they used much of their treasures to fund the construction of a fortified manor house in the secluded region of upstate Massachusetts. A camp was established on the banks of the river in October 1793 and soon became a small village to house those poor souls who were hired in coastal towns to work on the construction project and provide logistical support in the remote location.

Study of the materials they brought from the old world continued with the secret assistance of students from the Miskatonic, and rituals the likes of which would never have been tolerated in Puritan Wessagusset or other coastal communities often disturbed the calm of forest at night. Their objective was to discover the secret of immortality that one of the elder gods could bestow on humans, under certain eldritch circumstances.

As the years passed descendants of the founders carried on the research, though their relationships were not always harmonious. One Jedediah Dexter, a descendant of Enoch, left Arkhamville under a cloud about 30 years ago, but recently returned to visit his old associates.

Today a dead body has been discovered and the circumstances leading to the death are being investigated by the local constabulary. Such as it is….

Arkhamville Credits

Story and Game-Play
Rafe Holder
Story Background, Editing
Kitto Flora
Region Donated by
Shauna Bonetto
Terraforming and Design
Kitto Flora
Team Recruiter
Shauna Bonetto
Buildings and Decoration
Meryet Amat
Shauna Bonetto
Dorrie Fredriksson
SuzieQX2 Oh
Alana Greymoon
Non-Participating Characters
Cloe Neiro
Found Objects
Meryet Amat
Shauna Bonetto
Dorrie Fredriksson
SuzieQX2 Oh
Found Object Hiding
Meryet Amat
SuzieQX2 Oh
Kitto Flora
Game Testing
SuzieQX2 Oh
Special thanks to:
Cari Hellershanks
Iceblue Blackheart
Ladyrose Writer
Lilpeaches Resident
Peewee Musytari
Taylor Flanagan
Cherub Spectre, Master Kaos, and Nathan Oddfellow
for allowing us to advertise in the Octoberville group.
Donators to Arkhamville:
BlueSean Yiyuan – Sounds
Dolly & Lilith Heart – Trees
Garvie Garzo – Grass

And to the Octoberville Fans whose friendships, memories, stories and support drove us to make this hunt happen.

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