So, who are all these people anyway, and what do they do?

Running a murder-mystery is not not easy. If you are using a pre-written one and hosting it over dinner for around eight people in your home, that is one thing, but hosting one for multitudes of people in Second Life takes a lot more effort from a dedicated team. I got to meet some of them last night (Well, afternoon for them, but being a Brit, it was the middle of the night for me), chatting over Skype, and wandering around a construction platform looking at potential components and layouts for the forthcoming adventure. It all looks very exciting and I am sure there will be more news on that soon enough.

The team behind Sleuth-Sayers largely consists of veterans of previous adventures – seasoned writers,builders, scripters, organisers and such like. Me, I’m not so seasoned, yet, but I am sure I will be by the end of this adventure. I just happened to be helping a friend by suggesting snarky comments for her magic mirror and that somehow led to me being volunteered to join the team. Besides running this blog, I will be helping complete the story started by Rafe Holder, who is sadly no longer with us. I am deeply honoured to be asked and I only hope I can measure up.

You can find out who the team are by looking at our Staff Page here.

It’s always worth checking back now and again, as people are added, or, as and when I get photos from the other members to put in the gallery.

Welcome to the Sleuthsayers Blog

What can we say?

Sleuthsayers has been around since 2012, hosting imaginative murder-mysteries in Second Life. Our visitors have solved murders in such diverse places as a travelling carnival, the pyramids of Egypt and even the frozen wastelands beyond the Arctic Circle.

This year, we will be returning to the USA. Our setting, a destitute factory town where all is not what it seems. What horrors await our visitors this year?

New for this year is this blog, keeping you up to date with what is happening with this year’s event. Hopefully there will be news about the sim progress, teasers on the story and anything else we have to share. There may also be stuff about previous events so you can see what is going on. Nathaniel Ballard (BenBold Resident) will largely be maintaining the blog, along with the rest of the team.

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