The Prichard Project – Construction Site…

The Construction Team have their hard hats on and they are racing ahead with the Sim build.  You can’t move there without having to duck as pipes, boards, bricks, and the occasional entire building go flying by. More news will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, you can still drop by our fundraising platform and […]

Helping us on our way


Running a murder-mystery takes a lot of work, and, takes a lot of resources, particularly those elusive L$.

We try very hard to make Sleuthsayers mysteries free to take part, rather than charging an entrance fee or charging for a HUD, but this means we have to pay for the SIM etc by other means. Some will come from vendors selling items in the SIM, but most will come from donations.

If you feel like contributing a few L$ towards the cost of running the event, visit our fundraising hub and help push that thermometer in the right direction. Join the group while you are there, to get updates and notices. Feel free to visit again, when you may find items for sale too. And you can always chuck in a few more L$ while you do 🙂