Haunting at Holder Heights

Winter Hunt Opening Soon

Sleuthsayers is ready to open their winter hunt, a hunt based in a small town in the Rocky Mountains. In association with the Linden Endowment of the Arts, we are proud to present:

ss hhh_006

Holder Heights was a small, but relatively prosperous mining town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The mine was first opened by a German immigrant prospector, one Albert Reiniger, and his friend, Rafe Holder, in the middle of the 19th century and they quickly established a small town around the mine.

Some 100+ years ago, a particularly heavy winter had the town cut off for a couple of months, and then, in December, when the people were looking forward to their Christmas celebrations, there was a very heavy avalanche that swept away a good portion of the town, and completely obliterated the mine, trapping a considerable part of the working population within. The surviving citizens were unable to dig their way through to the mine. Exhausted, the townsfolk retired to what was left of their homes to wait out the rest of the winter. The hotel was one of the buildings that did survive, so many had to stay there, those who had lost their homes. There was sufficient food in store to feed everybody, but there was no Christmas party that year.

Come the present day, the town is, as ever, gearing up for the Christmas festival, with many visitors arriving for the season. However, in a cruel twist of fate, there is yet another avalanche. Fortunately, the developers had learned the lessons of the previous disaster, and so the town itself was spared, however, the roads are cut off and are likely to remain so for a while. What the avalanche did do, however, is expose the old mine entrance. Now, the ghosts of the long-dead miners walk freely again. It has been a long wait, but they want their party…

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