Case Closed: The Arkhamville Horror…

Deep in the remoter parts of Massachusetts, high above the Miskatonic River stands Arkhamville Manor. Supposedly built by a count from what is now modern-day Romania, it is an ancient and mysterious building. Nobody knows quite what goes on there, but it is believed that it is occupied by secretive academics and researchers into the occult and there have been rumors of strange rituals in the forest. And now, a body has been discovered, and the circumstances leading to the death must be investigated…

Some pictures from a previous murder-mystery, back in 2012

Arkhamville Horror LogoHanging around with Meryet miss meryet an alana Arkhamville 2012 Snapshot _ Arkhamville 2012 (Oct 1 - Nov 1), Beaverville (215, The Phalanges' Curse! Arkhamville 1 Arkhamville 2 Arkhamville 3 Arkhamville 4 give me those chess peices mugwig! i know you have em!

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