Grab Your Hat and Coat – It’s Almost Time!


The Prichard Project

Just 18 hours to go before the Sleuthsayers Murder/Mystery Hunt opens to the public.

October 1st 2015 at noon SLT

(That’s noon Pacific time, 3pm Eastern time, 8pm UK time…)

Carlton, once a vibrant bustling town,and home to Prichard Industries, manufacturers of advanced military vehicles, now languishes in the hills of New Hampshire, isolated by a military cordon. Officially, there is a quarantine, but is that really all that is going on? There are rumors of strange figures, shuffling sightlessly around the town, and of people being bitten and scratched. One word is heard again and again – Zombies!

And now, there has been a murder. One investigator did little more than compile a list of persons of interest before disappearing. Now, it is up to you. Can you find all the evidence? Can you sort the facts from the lies in the witness statements? Will you be the one to name the killer?

There is only one way to find out. Answer the call of Jennifer McClure, State Attorney and journey to Carlton and begin your investigation.

Watch out for the Zombies!


A Sleuthsayers Murder/Mystery Hunt

Testing, Testing, Testing…

The construction crew have swept up, taken away their traffic cones, dispensed with the hard hats and are relaxing with a nice Thermos of tea.

And now the testing crew have moved in – they are running around, checking everything is where it should be, that they can find all the objects, solve all the puzzles, collect the clues, and, of course… work out that it was…

*spoiler alert*

Professor Plum in the Library with the Lead Pipe.

(Yes, I am that old) 

It’s a risky job, but somebody has to do it.

The Prichard Project

A Sleuthsayers Murder Mystery Hunt


Gallery Gallery…

Were you part of a previous October Hunt with the Sleuthsayers? Were you around for Death in the Desert, the Arkhamville Horror or Glacier Island?

If so, do you have pictures? Because we’d love to show some, here in the blog and on the Sim itself.

Contact your blogging elf here or any of the team in world.

The Prichard Project – Construction Site…

The Construction Team have their hard hats on and they are racing ahead with the Sim build.  You can’t move there without having to duck as pipes, boards, bricks, and the occasional entire building go flying by. More news will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, you can still drop by our fundraising platform and […]